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With the patented BERNINA stitch regulator, you can achieve very precise and consistent stitches in freehand quilting. In this video tutorial, we show you in easy-to-understand instructions on how to use the BERNINA stitch regulator also to achieve an accurate stitch pattern at any time when sewing with a lowered feed dog. Step by step, you learn how to attach the BSR sewing foot, what settings you have to make on your BERNINA sewing machine and how to use the BSR modes 1 and 2. Straight stitch and zigzag stitch are possible. When sewing with the BSR, the sewing speed adapts itself to the movement of the material: If you guide the material through more quickly, the number of stitches is increased, if you become slower, your BERNINA also adapts to your speed. This creates an even stitch pattern, even with demanding quilt work. The video instructions demonstrate with practice-oriented work examples of how you can use the stitch regulator to design your freehand sewing piece perfectly.